Photographer Ahmad Khatiri honored at Cross Continental Festival

The gold medal and HM of the Cross Continental Festival have been awarded to Ahmad Khatiri, an Iranian photographer.

Iran PressIran News: In the intercontinental festival, which was held in three halls in Germany, South Africa, and Indonesia halls with three subjects of free color, free monochrome, and the theme of movement and sport, “Balance” by Ahmad Khatiri won a gold medal in the festival in the Indonesian hall and in the German hall, “Alone” another work by the Iranian photographer has been awarded an honorable mention.

Khatiri has participated in numerous photography competitions around the globe and won prizes in some of them.

In 2009, he won the UAFB gold medal at the 7th edition of the Romania Bucovina Mileniul III International Salon of Photographic Art.

In 2017, he won the FIAP Gold Medal for his single photo “Prayer and Mourning for the Martyrdom of Their Fathers in War Zones” at the Through the Viewfinder, an international photo contest that was held in Kragujevac, Serbia.

The Fifth International Photo Salon Plovdiv in Bulgaria awarded him a PSA honorable mention for his photo “Balance” in 2018.

The 2nd Danube Digital Circuit in Belarus also gave him a FIAP Honorable Mention for a photo named “Flying Harmony” in 2018.


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