Iranian photographers win prizes in Bangladesh event

Tehran, April 7, IRNA – Three Iranian photographers won a medal and three honorable certificates from Mahfuz Ullah Memorial 5th International Photography Competition in Bangladesh.

The event took place in Bangladesh, under the supervision of FIAP, GPU, FIP and BPS. 140 photographers were selected and awarded gold, silver and bronze medals and honorable certificates.

From Iran, Ahmad Khatiri won FIB Gold Medal in the category ‘Monochrome’, Kiarang Alaei received FIP Ribbon in the category ‘Monochrome’ and GPU Ribbon in the category ‘Color’ and  Amirhossein Yousefi Kiasari FIAP was awarded HM Ribbon in the category ‘Color’.

The competition has been organized by Mafuz Ullah’s son to commemorate his father. He wrote in a note in the event website:

[My father] died in 2004. After that, I always thought about how I could prove my gratefulness to him for my medical profession and photographic career. Then this is the idea that came to my mind to memorize my father’s lifetime throughout the world through photography. This will be a challenge for me to fulfill my dream successfully. All my family members and friends are helping me to succeed in his memory. I always pray to God to give me the courage and strength to make it a successful event. So, I request every photographer from every corner of the World to help me by sending their beautiful images to make my dream successful.

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